Creating a necessary platform for an enduring presence and constant availability with high quality on the internet needs highly investing in finance and human resources. Thus, it is not economically justifiable for companies in need of these types of services. Establishing a professional Data Center with all the facilities for a top quality connection to the international network (internet) or the national information network (intranet) is highly time-consuming and costly. More importantly, enduring presence on the internet requires taking different mechanisms to compete against cyber-attacks in broad dimensions (DDoS). It also needs possessing experienced and conversant workforce to prevent any type of cyber violations.

We offer Colocation Services at our own data center to provide these two estimates. We believe there is no need for the unnecessary traffic to exit the country and by offering a sufficient data center we aim to prevent it.

Potential customers of this service are ISPs, news agencies, ministries, and all organizations that need constant, safe and high-quality presence on the internet and/or intranet and look for secure and cost-effective solutions.

Utilizing all potential facilities of Respina’s main data center, 24/7 support system, physical access to the required equipment at no time, benefiting from Respina’s special safety solutions to compete against cyber-attacks could be of main reasons for various organizations to choose this service.

Our colocation service is located in an area equipped with advanced security facilities, air conditioning and humidity control systems, servers’ dedicated space, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and all essentials to ensure the customers with sufficiency and security.

Features of Respina’s Colocation Service:

  • Connecting on two 10 Gb ports to the country’s data centers at the telecommunication infrastructure via fiber optics.
  • Providing permanent power supply using UPS and generator
  • Maximum physical security using CCTV cameras and 24/7 identity control
  • 24/7 Security services, even on holidays
  • Proposing information security services (IDS/IPS)
  • Providing a panel to monitor subscribers’ usage
  • Ability to change information of users’ IP in Ripe
  • Ability to BGP connection if necessary


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