Today, having access to fast and reliable internet is one of the basic necessities of every business. Respina bandwidth service plays as the communication bridge between you and the Internet world at commercial level, and helps you to enjoy better and safer facilities for sending and receiving information compared to your competitors. Respina by possessing more than 30 popsites for providing wireless connection, and by having years of experience in installing types of broadband services is capable of offering these services to the applicants as soon as possible. Respina dedicated internet is proposing to the enterprise users without limitations of the shared internet. This service is accessible on the platform of both radio communication and fiber optic.


Dedicated Internet Benefits:
  • No speed limit imposed, up to 1 Gbps (more than 1000 Mbps)
  • No download size limit imposed
  • Ability to provide symmetric/asymmetric bandwidth according to user needs
  • Offering Public IP
  • Independence to telephone lines and telecommunication centers
  • Agile service delivery and installation


Why Respina Dedicated Bandwidth?
  • Service uptime guarantee with 99.5% stability
  • Process management using ITIL technology
  • Applying advanced monitoring softwares
  • Free installation in less than 72 hours
  • 24/7 support, even on holidays
  • Proposing personal support services for free
  • Extreme network coverage coefficient due to setting up more than 30 popsites
  • Highest number of BGP communications among internet service providers (Observable at


Operation Center, Guarantee for Consistent Presence and Customer Satisfaction

Keeping continual attention to the Operations Center as one of the key elements of the service cycle has always been a main belief of Respina. Therefore the company has made huge investments on the development of network operations center in terms of information and communication teams, and also elite and specialist workforce.


Before Sales Services
  • Free consultation and feasibility
  • Proposing various plans according to the customer needs
  • Providing scheduling plans for service delivery and installation


After Sales Services
  • Offering monitoring and control systems
  • Providing 24/7 supporting systems for free


For further information and getting free consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us: 021-84230000