After years of successfully providing dedicated bandwidth internet for dear customers with all marvelous features and benefits, Respina has decided to grow its services offered to the public. For this purpose, it started to offer high-speed internet for towers and residential, commercial and office complexes.

This special service could be appealing for residents due to the fact that enables them to enjoy high-speed and high-quality internet without getting involved in administrative regulations, and waiting for long time to achieve available ports of telecommunication centers. Besides, it is considered as an effective solution for towers and complexes that their telephone line structure is in optical fiber, and therefore common ways of having high-speed internet is not possible for their residents.


Features of Respina’s high-speed internet for towers and complexes
  • Exclusive advantage of speed and volume customization, and integrated management.
  • Very high-speed (60 Mbps) when compared to limited speed and quality of ADSL services offered by telecommunication centers
  • Offering the service with no dependency to the limitation of telecommunication centers
  • Ability to benefit from this service in case of having optical fiber telephone lines
  • Ability to launch the service without going through the administrative stages of telecommunication centers
  • Ability to deliver the service in less than 48 hours
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Free equipment establishment at the tower or complex proper location


Service Installation Stages:
  1. Sending the service request though Respina’s website or by contacting the Respina’s sales unit.
  2. Performing initial visit by the Respina’s specialists, and attaining necessary information.
  3. accomplishing feasibility survey by Respina’s technical team.
  4. Reaching final agreement with complex management and making a contract.
  5. Installing required equipment and offering the service.


For more information and getting free consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us: 021-84230000