Respina Networks and Beyond with over 16 years of experience in sales and after-sales service of dedicated bandwidth Internet has been famed as one of the most reputable and leading organizations in providing superior service to the public and private organizations and institutions.

Respina believes that offering superior service requires a knowledgeable and responsible person who is familiar with the customers’ needs. Therefore, by considering the staff as a highly valuable resource along with the proper planning for their recruitment, development, and retention, Respina has engaged more than 250 competent, committed, loyal and creative employees who are reflected as the most important competitive advantage for the organization.

The combination of the young workforce has shaped a dynamic team which has created a healthy and competitive business environment in an energetic, warm and friendly atmosphere.

Due to the dynamic nature of the IT industry, people always need to develop and upgrade their skills, thus, Respina as a leading and knowledge-based organization has provided equal opportunities for all employees at all levels, to be educated and improved.

What’s more, this organization believes in utilizing the existing human resource capacity to assign for higher management levels by training and promoting the staff and applying documented instructions and guidelines to endorse the succession. That’s the reason why more than 60 % of current Respina’s managers are upgraded to higher levels from within the organization.

This point of view in the area of human resource management represents recognition and awareness of Respina’s senior managers of their human capital. Besides, the easy access of employees to the senior executives and bidirectional communication channels has been caused agility for the organization and enhancements of the role that employees play in the organizational decision-making.

Creating equal opportunities for recruits in our organization and adhering to the principle of merit selection and enhancement, as well as having the nurturing approach to the new colleagues have created a suitable level of culture and knowledge in Respina’s big family.