Respina’s solutions for solving your enterprise’s challenges

Large organizations seek for effective usage of IT and ICT services for enhancing efficiency and solving the organizational level problems. Applying information technology has caused massive evolution in administrative and information systems. Besides, studies show that there is direct and positive connection between investing in IT area and the organizations’ efficiency, and consequently their human resource productivity. That is what makes the competitive difference for the enterprises.

Strategic and effective utilization of information technology at the organizational level requires appropriate dedicated internet infrastructure, with high speed, quality and stability.

Respina’s dedicated internet enables you to benefit from better and more secure facilities for sending and receiving information, and thus overtake your competitors. Respina Networks and Beyond by having more than 30 pop-sites in Tehran and Karaj industrial zone offers wireless connection for most parts of these regions.



Using services of an appropriate data center is the best solution for reaping the benefits of central servers. Large enterprises and institutions need to maintain their servers securely. Therefore they require a standardized space room, permanent power supply with no disruption, high quality bandwidth matched with the service type, and physical and informational safety assurance.

Respina’s data center by utilizing state-of-the-art facilities, high-quality bandwidth and specialized human resource is honored to host servers of large business enterprises, organizations and institutions.

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