• 2004: ISP License; No. 36736/6/5/103
  • 2009: ISDP License for Tehran province; No. 105-16-12
  • 2013: ISDP License for Alborz province; No. 111-40-12
  • 2013: ISDP License for Fars province; No. 25-116-12
  • 2015: FCP License, nation-wide; No. 18-94-100


FCP License:

This License allows us to provide services in the context of communication and data transmission network such as broadband Internet access services, access to information national network and services based on it; to distribute and sale of broadband Internet and transmission and dedicated networks; to run voice, video, text, data and a variety of content and value-added services in the framework of the laws and regulations of the country. It is worth noting that this license has been ratified for country-range activities, and has been replaced the previous licenses.