The numbers of people who shop online, hence the sales amount of online businesses have been increasing day by day, as the revenue generated worldwide has doubled in the past three years. Although this is a brand-new industry in our country, Iranian’s inclinations towards online shopping have been increased by 60% according to the Association of Internet Businesses. This indicates popularity of this industry among the public. The role that Internet plays in online businesses is indisputable, and undoubtedly the higher the speed and the quality, the more satisfaction it will bring about.

In order to being more successful, online businesses should be able to meet the customers’ needs in their online stores and provide a suitable portal for easy and shopping and financial transfer. Websites of these businesses usually encompass huge amount of data, detailed descriptions of products and services with various high-quality pictures of each of them. Data uploading speed could be a very vital factor for businesses of this type. Accordingly taking advantage of a high-speed and reliable internet connection has a substantial role to meet this critical need.

Generally, high speed, secure and reliable internet can be considered as a competitive advantage that enables businesses to overcome competitors in the market.

Online businesses in particular, can improve customer satisfaction and boost productivity by utilizing dedicated internet bandwidth.

Undoubtedly, it’s the Internet speed that drives the businesses nowadays. As the number of users enhances, the requirements for bandwidth can raise exponentially. By choosing an appropriate bandwidth, online businesses can speed up processes and improve the quality of their services.