More people start to shop online and statistics show that online sales are growing every day. The total revenue generated worldwide through online trade has doubled in the past three years. Online Business is a totally brand-new industry in our country, but Iranians are showing great interest in it. The Association of Internet Business claims this raise is in 60% compared to the past year. The role that internet plays in online business is indisputable, and undoubtedly the higher the speed and the quality, the more satisfaction it will bring with it.

In order to perform well and be more successful, online business franchises should be able to meet the customers’ needs in their online stores and provide them with a suitable portal to experience easy shopping and financial transacting. Websites associated with these business enterprises usually contains a huge amount of data like detailed product descriptions and various high-quality pictures of them. Data uploading speed could be a vital matter for an online business enterprise. Having access to a high-speed and reliable internet connection plays a substantial role to meet this critical need.

Generally, high speed, secure and reliable internet can be considered as a competitive advantage enabling business enterprises to overcome competitors in their market.

Online businesses, in particular, can improve customer satisfaction and boost productivity utilizing dedicated internet bandwidth.

Undoubtedly, it’s the Internet speed that drives the different types of business activities. As the number of users increase, requirements for proper bandwidth access can rise exponentially. Choosing a proper bandwidth should make online business enterprises boost their productivity and improve the quality of their services.