Respina’s Values:

Our values are considered as advance guidance for all our activities. Respina has been always emphasizing on following values:


Customer Focus

Our organization’s philosophy is creating and maintaining superior values for our customers through recognizing, understanding and anticipating their needs. Our goal is to offer premiere value and quality services to ensure our customers’ prosperity.


Creativity and Innovation

We’re looking for innovative ways to do our activities and to promote the spirit of creating different value. When we confront with challenges and opportunities:  we won’t say “we cannot”; we ask “Why not?”.



We believe that we can achieve huge gains by working as a team that has unit targets. We appreciate the ideas and cooperatively functioning. In Respina working is like being in a big family, and all colleagues consider themselves as members of a single family.



Our credibility has been established based on taking responsibility to our customers and partners. To achieve this, we face the issues with honesty and accept responsibility for our actions. We behave others in a way that we would like others to behave us.


Commitment to Provide Superior Services

We are committed to accomplish things in the best way possible. We always have commitment to constant individual and collaborative learning, and attempt for continuous task improvements. All in all, we believe in individual talents and providing growth and progression opportunities for everyone. We all celebrate our successes and accomplishments together.