Respina Networks and Beyond was founded in 2002 aiming to promote the ICT industry in the country. The Company’s co-founders are of the most outstanding hardware and software specialists graduated from reputable universities. They have done lots of inquiries and applied researches in various fields of IT to establish Respina Networks and Beyond with the objective of expanding this industry in providing internet services and computer networks. IT industry is growing every day but in spite of our outstanding and world-class experts, there is a relatively huge gap between our country and the leading ones in this field. The gap is unacceptable. hence every capable expert is obliged to make a change. Respina Networks and Beyond has stepped into this industry with the aim of creating new jobs, developing the IT industry and promoting it in various fields. We at Respina have made constant efforts to successfully reach these goals and plan to continue doing it.

 Technical team members of our company always upgrade their knowledge relying on the most state-of-the-art technology used in advanced countries active in the IT industry. They have obtained several valid certificates in different fields such as networking, software, systems security. The core management group of our company includes Tehran University’s RoboCup team members. This team has attained the best results in all internal competitions. Some of their achievements in the world championships are as follows:

  • Attaining Honorary Diploma at the RoboCup 2001 world championship held in U.S.A
  • Attaining Honorary Diploma and the ninth place at the RoboCup 2002 world championship held in Japan
  • Attaining Honorary Diploma and the fourth place at the RoboCup 2002 world championship held in Germany

Members of this team have decided upon taking a huge step to promote the country’s IT industry utilizing their experience.



Licenses Achieved:
  • 2004: ISP License; No. 36736/6/5/103
  • 2009: ISDP License for Tehran province; No. 105-16-12
  • 2013: ISDP License for Alborz province; No. 111-40-12
  • 2013: ISDP License for Fars province; No.25-116-12
  • 2015: FCP License, Nationwide; No. 18-94-100


FCP license:

This License allows us to provide all communicative services and data transmissions such as broadband Internet access services, access to national information network and its services; sales and distribution of broadband internet, data transmission and dedicated networks; delivering voice, video, text, data and a variety of content and value-added services with regards to the regulation laws of our country. It is worth mentioning that this license has been ratified for country-range activities and all previous licenses have been replaced with it.

With regards to the expansion of nation-wide activities due to the FCP License achievement, we are now able to guarantee our service coverage for the whole country. We have established various branches in different provinces like Alborz, Fars, Razavi Khorasan, Isfahan, and east Azerbaijan.